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when form predominates, meaning is blunted. but content predominates, interest lags

don’t try to be original, just try to be good

without aesthetics, you can’t find the truth, to do things with quality. I think this is in a true sense what aesthetics means“.


If you’ve been in any bookstore in your lifetime, you’re probably familiar with that most peculiar of book retail locales: the Fantasy & Science Fiction section. This strange and sweaty place is kept separate from the rest of the bookstore so that its residents, the soap-averse fans of Fantasy & Science Fiction novels, can go about their plots and dark rituals without disturbing any of the normal-smelling clientele.

But there’ another very good reason for keeping Fantasy & Science Fiction books segregated. They look really weird. The absolute worst part about every fantasy novel, apart from the writing, is the ludicrous cover art they all seem to have. It’ so bad, that ironically enough in this modern age, it’ still very bad.


Here are few of my best:









A music video created by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet for the french DJ Alex Gopher. it shows a virtual world created only with animated typographics.

a simple story set in New York in which a young couple rush across town to the Central Hospital in order to deliver their baby is made into an exciting race. they travel through an alphabetical jungle where buildings, bridges & roads are made up entirely of words.

very beautiful! . Many more infographic movies here.

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