Interesting read from the Avenue|Razorfish folks. 

There are issues with respect to credibility of sources and survey they have carried out but the layout is very interesting along with few pointers regarding the digital future.

The majority of today’s consumers are actively personalizing their digital experiences and sampling niche content and video with increasing frequency. The study looks at this shift and how it’s impacting the digital landscape.

Designing for Constant Change:

“In this ever-shifting digital landscape "best practices" carry a short expiration date and yesterday’s design orthodoxy is nothing more than today’s sacred

cow, waiting to be put out to pasture. How then do we make sense of it all? How do we adjust to designing for constant change?”

Digital Consumer Behaviour Study:

“Detailed breakout of the situational questions we asked to consumers and their responses. As you will see, we focused on four key areas of digital consumer behavior: Web 2.0 adoption, entertainment habits and media consumption, eCommerce and mobile usage. Taken in sum, the responses paint an evolving picture of digital behavior that is far more personalized, distributed and niche than we had previously thought.”